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Prayer Requests From 26th august to 2nd sept.2011

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Messianic congregation of Belgium




Prayer Requests

From 26th august to 2nd sept.2011

   1.   The residents of Beer Sheva live in fear


The "American neighborhood" of Beer-Sheva, is the main target during these last hours of rockets fired from Gaza Strip, and the residents live in constant fear since the death of a motorist in the neighborhood


Pray for the residents of neighborhoods and cities that are the targets of rocket fire and mortar fire.

Pray for their protection and may the Lord divert these fires in the open area.

 Pray for the victims and their families.


2.   Some mortar shells fired from Gaza contain phosphorus


The IDF Corps of Engineers has examined the components of a mortar shell that exploded near Kibbutz “Kerem Shalom”, and they noticed that it contained phosphorus. According to the website for the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson:  when it exposed to air burn through anything with which they come into contact, are illegal under international law when fired at civilians


Pray so that God blinds the enemies who are sending these rocket fires into Israel.

Pray so that the international opinion becomes aware of the use of these weapons against Israel.


3.    The sales of the businesses of Southern  Israel in freefall


The sales of the businesses of Southern Israel are down, at least several tens of percents as a result of the attack in Eilat last week and the escalation of violence in Gaza. Shopping malls are deserted. However, the store managers remain optimistic, because according to them the situation is not as bad as during operation cast Lead.


Pray the Israeli economy of, may our God raise this economy.

Pray for tourism in decline at the moment (the last attacks affecting tourism).

Let’s pray for the exports of Israeli products in the world.





4.   Gas: Lebanon rejects the plans of the maritime borders presented by Israel to the UN

The Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said that Lebanon rejected the plans of the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel presented by Israel to the UN. He said these plans represent "a flagrant violation of Lebanese sovereignty and its economic zone." In a letter sent to United Nations General Secretary, Mr. Mansour explained that the details shown on the plans' reduced from 860 sq km the economic zone and territorial waters of Lebanon. "


Pray for the Israeli gas and oil resources.

Pray so that God protects these resources and cannot allow the enemy to steal them.

Pray so that these resources can be quickly used in the country. Ask for the protection of natural resources throughout the country and also for the protection of the water.


5.   The Hamas officially confirms the signature of ceasefire agreement


 The Islamist movement Hamas in power in the Gaza Strip confirmed Monday afternoon that a truce agreement was reached between the main factions of the Palestinian enclave to stop firing against Israel.

"We have agreed on an agreement between the Palestinians leaders and Israel," said the spokesman of the Hamas government Taher al-Nounou in a press conference.


Despite the truce, the enemies continue to fire and bombard Israel with rockets, shells. Pray that God keeps His people, watches over them and may the import of weapons into enemy territory stops.


6.   Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme in Israel and Ramallah at the beginning of  September


Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme will go to Israel and Ramallah on September 4th and 5th to visit Israel and Ramallah, his office has saying: "He will discuss about bilateral relations that Belgium has with Israel and the Palestinian Authority during meetings with leaders”.


The Prime Minister should meet president Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and the president of the Kadima party, Tsipi Livni. And in Ramallah, Mr. Leterme would talk with president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and to his Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad.


Pray for the diplomatic relations between Israel and Belgium.

Pray for good relationship and fruitful cooperation between our country and Israel.

 Pray for Tamar Samash (who finishes her mission as ambassador of Israel in Belgium) and for the new ambassador too.

Let’s pray for the end of the political crisis in Belgium and for a new government. 

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